Creating an Account

– This is the easy part. Simply go to and register. A payment method is not required, but if you do I recommend using PayPal. If you have anything shiesty go down, they’ll back you up! You’ll also pick out how your avatar looks here, and you can download the Second Life Viewer.

Navigating the World

– Once you’ve downloaded the viewer, you can log in! You’ll see once you get here there’s a lot of cool places to go, but you may be restricted from them due to the age of your account. Don’t fret, hang out at info hubs to make new friends. They’ll help you discover new things! I met my bestie to this day at an Infohub when I was brand new to SL.

Making Friends

– The best parts of SL are the connections we make with others. I try to be nice and help anyone I encounter but sometimes there are weirdos or bad people on the grid. Don’t take things they say personally because they don’t know you personally!

Noob Friendly Hangouts

– Like I stated earlier, there are some really fun things to explore here, but some areas are not accessible until you’re 30+ days old. Here are my favorite hangouts for Avis under 30 Days:

Infohub  –

  • The InfoHub is a great place to meet new people and chat. There’s tons, but this is my favorite!

Firestorm New Resident Help Area –

  • This place is AMAZING, but you have to use the Firestorm Viewer. More about that in a future post!

Slink –

  • In Second Life, Mesh Bodies are a symbol of status, and Slink makes the most user friendly version. A great place to start and learn about them!

Catwa –

  • As stated, Mesh is the way to go, and Catwa is the most user friendly mesh head! They also have an awesome support group where you can meet new people and learn a lot about the heads themselves!

Ambrosia Nightclub –

  • One of the oldest clubs in SL that’s still around, they’re open 24/7 and they’re newcomer friendly!


At the top of each page, you can click the “Basics.” tab for more posts like these!

At the bottom of each page, you can click the “+” button for all my social media links and ways to contact me. I welcome new friends and new ideas for my blog!


Thanks for reading!


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