Boudoir Makeup Tutorial

Welcome Back!


This is one of my most nerve wracking sections to write on because i’m constantly changing my look, my makeup, my hair, my brows. Right now, i’m throughly enjoying being a blonde, so I put together a little look for bedtime (wink, wink) using some items I picked up at The Arcade over the weekend! Hope you enjoy it.


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In the Photo:

Hair – DOUX Juniper in Fades

Hairbase – VAYDIA Tasha Hairbase in Brown Shade

Lingerie – OSMIA Margaret (from The Arcade), Bra is [ADN] Sexy Hawt Applier in White

Eyeshadow – GENUS Project

Lipstick – NEW BEAT C Aura Gloss #5

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Thanks for reading & watching!


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