The Arcade


Welcome Back!


If you couldn’t tell from my posts already, shopping is my ABSOLUTE favorite past time in SL. When I joined, commerce was very different from the way it is now, however I definitely enjoy the creativity and anticipation for EVENTS!


Opinions on this topic can really be a mixed bag, with people feeling like me, or people that HATE events and would rather creators JUST CREATE AND SELL.


I can understand both positions because I really miss the feeling of checking out a Mainstore and hitting *Midnight Mania* boards because most stores have closed up shop and create exclusively for events. But I digress….


This edition’s highlight is on The Arcade, one of the biggest and most exclusive events on the grid. If you’re a creator, you want to be in this event. If you’re a shopper, you will want to buy everything from this event!


This round, there were some really amazing things I picked up and you can check them out in my last post! As with any round, The Arcade website will show you the Gacha Keys so that you can find what you want. Not all events are Gacha Events though, and i’ll be doing more posts about my other favorites soon!

Here’s a LM to check out The Arcade, and hopefully we can bump into each other out shopping!


Thanks for reading!


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