Love & Relationships.

Love & Relationships.


Hooking Up in SL

Relationships are complicated, whether in RL or SL. In my previous Love & Relationships post I gave you some basic tips for dating in SL, but what if you’re not looking to date? What if you just want to hook up or just want a #PicBae?

There’s nothing wrong with keeping your options open. Always remember that. It’s also good to know what you’re getting into ahead of time. Not everyone on the grid is honest, but let karma take care of them and be up front about your own intentions to avoid crazy disagreements.

The main thing to think about is to keep things light and fun… after all this is a game, and hooking up can be the most fun part!

BTW… this isn’t a hook up or #PicBae, this is my actual boyfriend!
P.S. My hairbase didn’t rezz in this pic, and I was really upset! It was just too cute not to post!

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