My Style.

Rollin’ With The Homies

As If 2

I’M SO EXCITED TO POST THIS! I’ve been wanting to do a family collab for the longest! I have some heavy hitting bloggers in my family so i’m SURE you’ve seen their post! In the center is my Muva, Valencia and on the right is my Glamma Princess! Check their blog for credits!



Genus Project Head, Mila Vivian Skin

Stealthic Ivy Hair (Kustom9)

Euphoric Seren Choker (Fatpack with HUD)

Vive Nine The Hills Gacha Cardigan, Sweater, and Heels with Socks in Pink/Black (The Ephiphany)

Foxy “It’s Lit” Notepad and Pencil

Pose Mila “Walking”


At the bottom of each page, you can click the “+” button for all my social media links and ways to contact me. I welcome new friends and new ideas for my blog!

Thanks for reading!


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