My Style.

Are you participating in Blogoween? Doing a video weekly or daily is definitely too much for me, so i’m gonna do 4 different Halloween looks with different costumes instead! I am droping 2 this week since i’m behind, then one next week and one the week of Halloween! Hope you enjoy! Lots more pics on my Flickr!


Top Photo-

BEAUTE Eyeshadow

DOUX Kitty Ponytail

7 Halo Hoops in Silver

-:zk:- Brit Outfit in Blue

Hilly Haalan Zeta Thigh High Boots in Black

Second Photo-

Genus Project Jessica Gacha Lipstick in Urban Black

Boudoir Consecrated Gown for Hourglass

Naya’s Style Credits on Flickr


Foxcity Flight Club Day Travel Backdrop, Imitation Bathroom Selfie Pose

Focus Poses Hail to the Queen Poses and Cemetery Graves Backdrop (Bottom)


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