My Top 5 Genus Tips for Beginners!

#1 the most important part of making ANY look your own is the shape.

a lot of people switch over to the Genus Project head and they’re unhappy with the look and it’s mostly based on the shape they’re using. when I started I did try to play around with the given shape, however I ended up just creating a brand new shape and modifying it to my liking. that’s a great start to having your proportions on your face look the best. DONT USE A CATWA OR LELUTKA SHAPE!

#2 a hair base is your friend!

as with all mesh heads, the genus project head comes bald. there are some generic hair bases in the hud (no part, middle part, and baby hairs) however I’ve found that I like the way baby hairs look that sit a little lower. the bone structure on the Genus head is not the same as CATWA or Lelutka, so a hairbase that looks good on those heads may not fit the best on Genus heads. I’ve tried a lot of different hair bases, and Vaydia has been my favorite so far. The shape is perfect and they sit just right on the forehead. You’ll also need the Genus Project Omega Applier.

#3 makeup is your friend, but know your layers.

the beta version of this head is limited in layers. when the beta was open and testers were sending in information, this was the number one request… we need more layers! while it’s in beta, I’ve found ways to make the layers work for me. as mentioned before, if you’re wearing a hairbase via omega it’s gonna use some of your layers, so depending on your skin choice you may be very limited. when I’m searching for skins, this is something I’m looking for. I prefer a skin that has light makeup. I’m currently wearing Mila Vivian for that reason. She has a slight hint of eyeshadow and a light contour. This allows me to keep a hairbase that may use the eyeshadow and cheek layers. In addition, if I need to apply either of those, I can use the tattoo, face, or cheek layer. The head really shines (no pun intended) in advanced lighting and additional layers like highlight and contour look amazing with it on.

#4 fix me or choke me.

another huge complaint I’ve seen is about the neck seam. now again, the head is still in its beta version and I’m sure with the full release the head will fit seamlessly however right now without advanced lighting and the perfect wind light, the seam is very visible and at times the body can appear to be a different color than the head. I’m already a choker fan and wore them frequently before purchasing this head, however if you’re not or don’t plan to incorporate a way to cover your seam in your outfit, there are other options. I wear Belleza Freya and the Maitreya Size neck fix fits my neck perfectly. The hud also includes shades from the skinnery, however creators like Mila and Pepe Skins have included an applier that applies their shades to the Genus Neck Fix attachment which is awesome. Again advanced lighting is key here, it’s almost invisible there. since writing this blog, there has also been a neck fix update as well.

#5 dare to be different.

all in all, this is an amazing head and I could not go back to another at this point (unless it’s Fiore, see my skins post) simply because this head really has so many customization options to set your look apart from anyone else’s. I could stand beside someone wearing my exact skin and look completely different and I love that! hope you enjoyed the video and my tips and I look forward to seeing your looks!

Some honorable mentions that I got questions about were the Laggy HUD, Eyes, Animations… the HUD has since been updated in the latest version, resolving a lot of those issues. Wearing Rigged Eyes on my nose has resolved my eye problems, and I use the Vista Zoe AO which gives me facial animations for now!

At the bottom of each page, you can click the “+” button for all my social media links and ways to contact me. I welcome new friends and new ideas for my blog!

Thanks for reading!


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