It’s finally here! Below are the collections used:


Onsu Magnolia House

Roost Casa Verde Driveway and Fence Kit

Botanical Boxwood Bushes and Linden Trees


Foyer –

Fancy Decor Nanneri Collection

Fancy Decor Photo Frames (Group Gift), Bazar Arizona Photo Frames

What Next Plants

Living Room –

Cheeky Pea Blank Canvas Sectional

Fancy Decor Fulton and Modine Collections


Hive Practical Kitchen Set (with Modifications)

Fancy Decor Breakfast Bistro

Dining –

Fancy Decor Bonham Place Setting

My Closet/Guest Room –

Diamandis Donatella Closet White

Bazar Stockholm Clothing Rack

David Heather Salon Gacha, Luggage Gacha, ViveNine Closet Gacha, Garbaggio Shoe Closet Gacha, Miscellaneous Makeup Gachas, and Sayo Boudoir Bedroom Set

Gianni’s Closet/Guest Room

Bathroom –

Sayo Bungalow Retreat Gacha Tub, Accessories, and Stone Side Table

It’s Not Mine Cum System Shower 😛

Fancy Decor Jacques Bathroom Collection, Toilet, Miscellaneous Makeup Accessories

Bedroom/Office –

Sayo Autumn Abode Gacha Bed, Boudoir Gacha Dresser, Side Table, and Accessories

Fancy Decor Nanneri Console Table (for Desks), KoreTech MyBook Pro, BH9 Camera, Miscellaneous Gacha Makeup, Apple Fall Chaise Lounge and Chairs


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