Hey Ya’ll! Every time creators come out with new makeup for the Genus head, i’m hesitant to buy it, especially if its eyeshadow! I love wearing it, but the layers are limited on the head, so it’s difficult to wear multiple layers. Me and My Muva sit down every time and I show her how you CAN wear eyeshadow on the Face Layer, Eyebrows on the Tattoo Layer, and a Hairbase on the Hairbase layer! It’s difficult, but I went through my inventory and listed some hairbases I have that work with this method! Hope this helps you!

Hairbases You Could Work With:

Vaydia – Chanel Hairbase Hers

Vaydia – Tasha Hairbase

SIIX – Brazilian Hairbase

SIIX – Russian Hairbase

Since I wrote this post I want to update that I popped in on a chat in the Genus Discord about this issue, and someone mentioned adding eyebrows to the hairbase! So I reached out to the creators of these two hairbases along with the creators for some of my other favorites to see if this would be possible! Fingers crossed!

Thanks for reading! 💕


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