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Hey Everyone!

Hope the weekend treated you well! If you follow me on any other social media then you know my BFF just returned to SL from a hiatus, which sparked me to write this post. Before she returned I was going through some things with the circle I had in SL and it made me think about time. We spend a lot of time on this game, with people who turn into real friends and can sometimes feel like family! This girl has been there for me through some real life things and me for her as well. Remember to make sure the people on your team… the people in your life (RL and SL), and especially in relationships… are people that believe in you, support you, and think you’re the shit! 💩


Let everyone else just be an acquaintance! Happy Monday and I hope you have a wonderful week!



Genus Strong Face, Tres Beau Esme, Personal Shape

Blueberry Peachkini in Black

Doux Hair


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