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I was in my kitchen this morning thinking about a series I dug into a bit in Basics but I didn’t touch on it much more because I wasn’t sure if ya’ll would be interested! Leave a comment below or on my social media if you’d like to learn a bit about Beyou! I’m a noob to it myself so we can learn together!





Hey Ya’ll! Every time creators come out with new makeup for the Genus head, i’m hesitant to buy it, especially if its eyeshadow! I love wearing it, but the layers are limited on the head, so it’s difficult to wear multiple layers. Me and My Muva sit down every time and I show her how you CAN wear eyeshadow on the Face Layer, Eyebrows on the Tattoo Layer, and a Hairbase on the Hairbase layer! It’s difficult, but I went through my inventory and listed some hairbases I have that work with this method! Hope this helps you!

Hairbases You Could Work With:

Vaydia – Chanel Hairbase Hers

Vaydia – Tasha Hairbase

SIIX – Brazilian Hairbase

SIIX – Russian Hairbase

Since I wrote this post I want to update that I popped in on a chat in the Genus Discord about this issue, and someone mentioned adding eyebrows to the hairbase! So I reached out to the creators of these two hairbases along with the creators for some of my other favorites to see if this would be possible! Fingers crossed!

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My Top 5 Genus Tips for Beginners!

#1 the most important part of making ANY look your own is the shape.

a lot of people switch over to the Genus Project head and they’re unhappy with the look and it’s mostly based on the shape they’re using. when I started I did try to play around with the given shape, however I ended up just creating a brand new shape and modifying it to my liking. that’s a great start to having your proportions on your face look the best. DONT USE A CATWA OR LELUTKA SHAPE!

#2 a hair base is your friend!

as with all mesh heads, the genus project head comes bald. there are some generic hair bases in the hud (no part, middle part, and baby hairs) however I’ve found that I like the way baby hairs look that sit a little lower. the bone structure on the Genus head is not the same as CATWA or Lelutka, so a hairbase that looks good on those heads may not fit the best on Genus heads. I’ve tried a lot of different hair bases, and Vaydia has been my favorite so far. The shape is perfect and they sit just right on the forehead. You’ll also need the Genus Project Omega Applier.

#3 makeup is your friend, but know your layers.

the beta version of this head is limited in layers. when the beta was open and testers were sending in information, this was the number one request… we need more layers! while it’s in beta, I’ve found ways to make the layers work for me. as mentioned before, if you’re wearing a hairbase via omega it’s gonna use some of your layers, so depending on your skin choice you may be very limited. when I’m searching for skins, this is something I’m looking for. I prefer a skin that has light makeup. I’m currently wearing Mila Vivian for that reason. She has a slight hint of eyeshadow and a light contour. This allows me to keep a hairbase that may use the eyeshadow and cheek layers. In addition, if I need to apply either of those, I can use the tattoo, face, or cheek layer. The head really shines (no pun intended) in advanced lighting and additional layers like highlight and contour look amazing with it on.

#4 fix me or choke me.

another huge complaint I’ve seen is about the neck seam. now again, the head is still in its beta version and I’m sure with the full release the head will fit seamlessly however right now without advanced lighting and the perfect wind light, the seam is very visible and at times the body can appear to be a different color than the head. I’m already a choker fan and wore them frequently before purchasing this head, however if you’re not or don’t plan to incorporate a way to cover your seam in your outfit, there are other options. I wear Belleza Freya and the Maitreya Size neck fix fits my neck perfectly. The hud also includes shades from the skinnery, however creators like Mila and Pepe Skins have included an applier that applies their shades to the Genus Neck Fix attachment which is awesome. Again advanced lighting is key here, it’s almost invisible there. since writing this blog, there has also been a neck fix update as well.

#5 dare to be different.

all in all, this is an amazing head and I could not go back to another at this point (unless it’s Fiore, see my skins post) simply because this head really has so many customization options to set your look apart from anyone else’s. I could stand beside someone wearing my exact skin and look completely different and I love that! hope you enjoyed the video and my tips and I look forward to seeing your looks!

Some honorable mentions that I got questions about were the Laggy HUD, Eyes, Animations… the HUD has since been updated in the latest version, resolving a lot of those issues. Wearing Rigged Eyes on my nose has resolved my eye problems, and I use the Vista Zoe AO which gives me facial animations for now!

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My Favorite Skins.

My hands down, all time FAVORITE store for skins (and practically everything) will always be Fiore. ViveNine is an OG in the Second Life game and I even rocked them on my system head. The quality and realness of their skins has always been amazing to me and even before their time, their skins had sheen and texture. To me, they’re THE BEST. I’m also gonna list 5 more stores I love to give you some options!

  1. Tres Beau (Genus Head Lily Skin)
  1. Studio Exposure (Catwa Catya Head, Zora Skin)
  1. Pepe Skins (Formerly Atelier Pepe, Genus Head, Alyssa Skin)
  2. Flesh (Genus Head, Zahira Skin)
  3. Revoul (Lelutka Chloe, Valerie Skin)

Current Skin: L’etre Marie (I wrote this about a month ago… I’ve since changed to Mila Vivian!)

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Choosing a Second Life Home


Welcome Back Everyone!

I got another request for more information about Land in Second Life and I thought it would be a great opportunity to talk about my home! So to start, I want to say that there’s no “right” way to live in SL. Its all based on what you want and how much money you want to spend. I don’t go too deep in depth but if you’re looking for moe information the Land Wiki is my favorite resource. I learned so much from it when I was just getting started too!

Let’s start with how to get it!

There’s a couple different ways and a couple different kinds of land you can get. First there’s Mainland and Private Land.

If you have a premium account, you’re given a land allowance and with that you can get a Linden Home. (so cool right?) I lived on a platform above my Linden home for a long time. I took a break from SL, didn’t pay my premium that year, and when I came back I guess you weren’t allowed to do that anymore. If you’re premium, you can also purchase land that’s been abandoned or put up for Auction on the website. With your own land, you’ll have to pay rent to the Lindens in the form of what’s called “Tier”! Another option that you have is to purchase your own region or “sim”, which is much bigger than the plots of land on the mainland, but it offers more privacy, space, and prims. This comes with a pretty hefty Tier, but if it’s what you want, GO FOR IT!

After I got evicted from my Linden Home, I moved to my first “Community” on SL, which would be considered Private Land. Someone purchases land (a region) and parcels it off, and rents you a piece and a certain amount of prims to use. Depending on the land owner, you would pay rent (tier) weekly, biweekly, or monthly. You can even pay in advance.  I loved my time in communities because it afforded the opportunity to meet new people and roleplay. Some of the cons of communities can be drama and lack of privacy, so keep that in mind.

Ultimately I left community living in search of my own space that I could customize. In all my years on SL, I hadn’t learned how to terraform and build/customize my own spaces and I wanted to do that. I have rented land from a lot of different land sellers on SL, but by far my favorite has been Latin Estates. Their prices are reasonable and they give you a lot of prims. Their customer service is on point and their sims run well, definitely not extreme lag like some places.

There’s an entire wiki on Land that’s updated and managed by Linden Labs, I encourage you to check it out as it goes VERY in depth and I hope this has answered some of your basic questions and helps you make a choice about what to get!


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My Top 5 #SecondLife Body Hacks



Genus Project Head
L’etre Marie Buttermilk Skin
Custom Shape by Valencia Cairo
Villena Motorsport Bomber
Vive Nine Crop Top
Vive Nine Shorts
Vale Koer Trainers


Indulge Automotive Group Insanne Limo Dubai Edition w/ Driver –

Naked “Green Machine”, Pepsi, and Coke all included in vehicle

Mac Donalds by Eat and Drink –

Take Out Containers (Fried and BBQ Chicken) by Special O’Cassions of Secondlife –

Fresh Pizza by Elle Mode –

Corny Chips by Junk Food –

Red Bag of Chips by Wednesday[+] ~ Rainy Days GACHA (From The Arcade) – (Flickr)


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Finding Your Look.

I am infamous for changing my look when the wind blows.

With that being said, one of my favorite things to do in SL is finding and creating looks, then taking lots of pictures which I talked about in a previous post!

Every avatar is unique, we all have things we like and looks we see on others we love. The important part of finding a look you love is customization. I am going to talk a lot in this post about custom parts I have, and if you’re interested, i’m happy to do a more in depth post or video on modifications!

Let’s start at the top:

Catwa is the most popular mesh head creator, and the reason she is, is because the layout is simple and easy to use. There are many items created to modify and wear with Catwa as well, which is why it’s a great starter head.

Body of a Goddess:

The mesh body is a highly debated topic on the grid. Decide on a look, and i’ll let you know my opinions of the body for that body type.

Maitreya – Great for Teens, Young Women, or Very Petite Women, best used with thin shapes

Slink Physique, Belleza Isis, EVE – Young, Petite and Average Women

Slink Hourglass, Belleza Freya (My Body), eBody – Curvy Women

Shapes are what make you YOU. Once you’ve decided on a body type, the best way to make your look original is your shape. This controls the face, weight, and curves on your avatar. My shape is a custom by my Mom.

I’d love to go more in depth, let me know in the comments or on social media if you’d like to explore more looks! Also let me know if you want an in depth look at my head, body, and shape!

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Second Life Photography.


So she slid in my Instagram DMs and requested a post on how to take good photos, so i’m obliging!

Now I can’t take all the credit for my photos. I’ve been on SL a long time, and practiced a lot! Trial and Error is going to be your first teacher, but I can give you some tips on what I do and you can keep what works and leave what doesn’t!

My first recommendation is to take a look at a REAL PRO’s instructions. Her name is Strawberry Singh, and she’s been on SL a looooooong time and she’s been blogging forever too. I got my graphics settings from her post here.

You don’t have to have the highest end gaming computer for those settings, however the better your graphics and specs, the better the photo. I often crash when taking a good photo because i’m on a basic Best Buy PC, so don’t be discouraged if you do too. Adjust accordingly for your computer specs.

Another tip I have is to optimize your experience! Close other programs running while taking photos in SL, go into unavailable mode so SL isn’t trying to load messages and other things while you’re taking a photo. It makes a difference.

Once you’re settings are on point, my next tip is adjusting your windlights. Strawberry Singh has a great post for that too! My favorites are from Foxcity, but again… Trial and Error is gonna be your friend here to test out what you like and don’t like to set the mood for your photos.

I usually adjust my windlights and get the angle just right before turning up my graphics to the settings mentioned above because it does degrade my performance and its harder to make changes afterward.

These are the basics… but my inboxes are always open for more questions if you have them and I hope to see your awesome pics soon!

Keep the Great Ideas Coming and Thanks for Reading!

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Creating an Account

– This is the easy part. Simply go to and register. A payment method is not required, but if you do I recommend using PayPal. If you have anything shiesty go down, they’ll back you up! You’ll also pick out how your avatar looks here, and you can download the Second Life Viewer.

Navigating the World

– Once you’ve downloaded the viewer, you can log in! You’ll see once you get here there’s a lot of cool places to go, but you may be restricted from them due to the age of your account. Don’t fret, hang out at info hubs to make new friends. They’ll help you discover new things! I met my bestie to this day at an Infohub when I was brand new to SL.

Making Friends

– The best parts of SL are the connections we make with others. I try to be nice and help anyone I encounter but sometimes there are weirdos or bad people on the grid. Don’t take things they say personally because they don’t know you personally!

Noob Friendly Hangouts

– Like I stated earlier, there are some really fun things to explore here, but some areas are not accessible until you’re 30+ days old. Here are my favorite hangouts for Avis under 30 Days:

Infohub  –

  • The InfoHub is a great place to meet new people and chat. There’s tons, but this is my favorite!

Firestorm New Resident Help Area –

  • This place is AMAZING, but you have to use the Firestorm Viewer. More about that in a future post!

Slink –

  • In Second Life, Mesh Bodies are a symbol of status, and Slink makes the most user friendly version. A great place to start and learn about them!

Catwa –

  • As stated, Mesh is the way to go, and Catwa is the most user friendly mesh head! They also have an awesome support group where you can meet new people and learn a lot about the heads themselves!

Ambrosia Nightclub –

  • One of the oldest clubs in SL that’s still around, they’re open 24/7 and they’re newcomer friendly!


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