Marketplace Update

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Upon my return, my inbox was flooded with messages about my look!

I uploaded 4 new shapes to my Marketplace Store! Now there’s something for everyone, including my Lelutka friends! I hope you enjoy and as always if you have any questions or need assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out to me!


Things That Are CANCELLED In 2019

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Happy Holidays Y’all!

The new year is approaching and I just wanted to share with y’all some stuff that HAS TO END in the New Year!

FB Drama

– No breakdown needed!

Ashy Skins

– No excuses in 2019, if you can’t make a darker shade properly and you won’t ask for help from a person of color, leave the creating up to people who care to do that!

Mesh Head/Body Shaming

– Everyone pays for things they have on this game. Let me buy, wear, look, and do what I want!


– if you’re still getting scammed by people the whole grid KNOWS are scammers, you’re cancelled. Don’t make big purchases without doing some background on the seller!

Favorite Looks of 2018

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Hey Y’all!

I’m so excited to share this post with y’all! It’s actually a bit late because I released these shapes last week, I just didn’t post about it! I wanted to see the response without pushing it! I’m so surprised! So I’m sharing my favorite looks of 2018 with you! I started the year off with Catwa. I hopped back and forth between my Original Sarah and Catya until the Genus Head came out this summer! All four of the looks available are for Genus, 2 Classic and 2 Babyface! Also two are made exclusively for skins from Powder Pack! There’s something for everyone with Teen Maitreya to Super Thick Belleza! I hope you enjoy and I can’t wait to see the looks you make!

I look forward to many more great things to come in the New Year!


My Style.

Happy Saturday my loves! I’m back with another inspiration pic! I have had so many looks lined up but didn’t have the hair for it! Shout out to Doux for always bringing the fire! Full outfit credits below! 💕

Doux Air Hair

Vaydia Bailey Hairbase

Vexiin Nola Jacket

ViveNine Shortsleeved Top and Shorts

Rossi Studs in Silver

Vale Koer Sneakers and Tea

LaPerla Berba Bag Sports Female

Fall House Tour!

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It’s finally here! Below are the collections used:


Onsu Magnolia House

Roost Casa Verde Driveway and Fence Kit

Botanical Boxwood Bushes and Linden Trees


Foyer –

Fancy Decor Nanneri Collection

Fancy Decor Photo Frames (Group Gift), Bazar Arizona Photo Frames

What Next Plants

Living Room –

Cheeky Pea Blank Canvas Sectional

Fancy Decor Fulton and Modine Collections


Hive Practical Kitchen Set (with Modifications)

Fancy Decor Breakfast Bistro

Dining –

Fancy Decor Bonham Place Setting

My Closet/Guest Room –

Diamandis Donatella Closet White

Bazar Stockholm Clothing Rack

David Heather Salon Gacha, Luggage Gacha, ViveNine Closet Gacha, Garbaggio Shoe Closet Gacha, Miscellaneous Makeup Gachas, and Sayo Boudoir Bedroom Set

Gianni’s Closet/Guest Room

Bathroom –

Sayo Bungalow Retreat Gacha Tub, Accessories, and Stone Side Table

It’s Not Mine Cum System Shower 😛

Fancy Decor Jacques Bathroom Collection, Toilet, Miscellaneous Makeup Accessories

Bedroom/Office –

Sayo Autumn Abode Gacha Bed, Boudoir Gacha Dresser, Side Table, and Accessories

Fancy Decor Nanneri Console Table (for Desks), KoreTech MyBook Pro, BH9 Camera, Miscellaneous Gacha Makeup, Apple Fall Chaise Lounge and Chairs

This too shall pass…

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Hey Guys!

This post isn’t about anything in particular today! I took a break from blogging to celebrate the holiday with my SL Family and RL Family, so I haven’t posted any new content in a minute! I have a lot to share with you, there’s been a lot of changes going on and stuff to talk about so I’ll be busy for the next few weeks! I’m excited about that! Above is my latest video. I just posted it today in a hurry to show you all how amazing the Cosmetize Semi-Matte Lippies were and to encourage you to go grab them from the MP! I had a few people on Discord and on Facebook ask me about the fit, and I knew I had to do this quick video to show you! I won them in the contest on FB, however I have her gloss set and some of her previous releases under New Beat Cosmetics as well! Hope you enjoy and i’ll see you soon with all the updates and THE HOUSE TOUR! Hopefully I can get it finished up and uploaded by the end of the week!


GENUS Project – Baby Face Head


L’Etre – Mesh face layers (Moles)

DOUX – Earth Hairstyle

Action Mesh Liner 01 BROWN

JustBECAUSE Wendy Dress in Black

ROSSI. Emerald Studs -Silver

[VEXiiN] Cheri Diamond Choker [Black]

Astralia – Compatible nails system (Belleza Stiletto base, Lueur Gel Polish)

#EMPIRE – Geranium – Belleza

My Style.

My Style.

Getting Settled…

Hey Everyone! I’ve been M.I.A. this week moving in world and getting a new look together! I filmed two different videos with two different makeup looks and now I’ve changed my look again… contemplating on still posting… if you want to see, leave a comment below!

To continue on my tease from Instagram, I’m clearing out my feed and starting fresh due to all the Flickr craziness and the new people coming over to Instagram. All my old photos that are on Flickr right now are cross posted here on the blog and on all my other social media as well if you want to take a look back!

Finally, as I said earlier, I moved AGAIN in world. I have a love/hate relationship with decorating and this move, I told myself I was going to find a decorating team to come in and do the decorating because I wasn’t inspired, BUT my sister rezzed the new Onsu House (Magnolia) and I fell in love with it and had to decorate. I’ve just got the basics down right now, but I can sometimes clutter decorate so I try to pace myself. Tell me, what’s your favorite decor store in world? Mine is Fancy Decor.

Thanks again for reading and don’t forget to reach out to me on any of my social media below with any requests!


GENUS Project – Head, ItGirls Skin – Kim, Custom Shape by Valencia Cairo
-Belleza- Freya Mesh Body
#EMPIRE – February 2018 Group Gift Dress – Freya
. MILA . Butter Brown Eyes in Choco
Astralia – Compatible nails system Pack#2 (Belleza Coffin base, Lueur French Polish)
VEXiiN Diamond Stud Nose Piercing
DOUX – Medea Hairstyle in Dark Brown,  Juniper Hairstyle [Extra messy strands], Morita Hairstyle [Extra hairs] all in Dark Brown
Izzie’s – Hoop Earrings (Fatpack with HUD) in Silver
Izzie’s – Hoop Earring (R)
[Shoeminati] Lux Flip Flops in Black Blue

California Dreamin’

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So my boo and I are headed to a tropical wedding this weekend, and I needed to pick up some cute things to wear. We made a pit stop on the West Coast and I couldn’t help but hit Designer Drive. I love this sim, not just the stores but the design! It definitely gives my Rodeo Drive vibes! Check it out here:

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! I’ll be getting my tan on!


GENUS Project – Head,  . MILA . Vivian Skin in Medium
.: ryvolter :. Plum Monster Rabbit Coat
7;] 7V Plexi – Clear – XSMax – Right Hand Pose
::ROC:: Lace Up High Boots_Belleza Freya
Amala – The Cara Earrings – (L)
Astralia – Compatible nails system (Belleza Stiletto base), Lueur Gel Polish
F.Q. Indian Wavy (I wear two of the same hairs rotated to fit the style i’m going for)
VEXiiN Finesque Diamond Choker in Rose Gold
Scandalize. ELLIS. Freya in Yellow
[Cynful] Neveah Bralette – Belleza Freya

Vive Nine (Not on Sim) and Opale Hair (Located on Sim) Shopping Bags


My Style.

Are you participating in Blogoween? Doing a video weekly or daily is definitely too much for me, so i’m gonna do 4 different Halloween looks with different costumes instead! I am droping 2 this week since i’m behind, then one next week and one the week of Halloween! Hope you enjoy! Lots more pics on my Flickr!


Top Photo-

BEAUTE Eyeshadow

DOUX Kitty Ponytail

7 Halo Hoops in Silver

-:zk:- Brit Outfit in Blue

Hilly Haalan Zeta Thigh High Boots in Black

Second Photo-

Genus Project Jessica Gacha Lipstick in Urban Black

Boudoir Consecrated Gown for Hourglass

Naya’s Style Credits on Flickr


Foxcity Flight Club Day Travel Backdrop, Imitation Bathroom Selfie Pose

Focus Poses Hail to the Queen Poses and Cemetery Graves Backdrop (Bottom)


My Style.

Rollin’ With The Homies

As If 2

I’M SO EXCITED TO POST THIS! I’ve been wanting to do a family collab for the longest! I have some heavy hitting bloggers in my family so i’m SURE you’ve seen their post! In the center is my Muva, Valencia and on the right is my Glamma Princess! Check their blog for credits!



Genus Project Head, Mila Vivian Skin

Stealthic Ivy Hair (Kustom9)

Euphoric Seren Choker (Fatpack with HUD)

Vive Nine The Hills Gacha Cardigan, Sweater, and Heels with Socks in Pink/Black (The Ephiphany)

Foxy “It’s Lit” Notepad and Pencil

Pose Mila “Walking”


At the bottom of each page, you can click the “+” button for all my social media links and ways to contact me. I welcome new friends and new ideas for my blog!

Thanks for reading!