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Hey Everyone!

Hope the weekend treated you well! If you follow me on any other social media then you know my BFF just returned to SL from a hiatus, which sparked me to write this post. Before she returned I was going through some things with the circle I had in SL and it made me think about time. We spend a lot of time on this game, with people who turn into real friends and can sometimes feel like family! This girl has been there for me through some real life things and me for her as well. Remember to make sure the people on your team… the people in your life (RL and SL), and especially in relationships… are people that believe in you, support you, and think you’re the shit! 💩


Let everyone else just be an acquaintance! Happy Monday and I hope you have a wonderful week!



Genus Strong Face, Tres Beau Esme, Personal Shape

Blueberry Peachkini in Black

Doux Hair


My Style.

My Style.

if you’ve been following me for any time, you know I changed platforms for my blog last year and I lost some of my posts! I was happy to start new but I came across some photos that I wanted to try to recreate! hope you enjoy these!


Genus Project – Strong Face, Tres Beau Skin, Personal Shape

Homage Hair

Osmia Candice Dress

Empire Mayflower Heels

Action Mesh Eyeliner (Tinted Blue)

Euphoric Peach Lipgloss (Genus December Powder Pack)

Izzie’s Gold Hoops

Minimal Marta Necklace

Vexiin Tennis Bracelet and Lexi Watch in Platinum


ChicChica Iced Tea

Special Occasions Take Out Bag

My Style.

My Style.


GENUS Project – Genus Head – Strong Face, Tres Beau Esme Skin, Personal Shape

:::Phoenix::: Kelly Hair [Fitted Mesh]

.:villena:. – Turtleneck & Gem Bra – Baby Blue

*VanillaBae* Quinn Skirt – B. Freya – Materials

Espionage Bondi Sunglasses in Blue

7;] Kartier Dainty Watch – Silver
7;] Sqaure Diamond Hoops – Silver

Astralia – Compatible nails system, Lueur French Polish

Vexiin Diamond Stud Nose Piercing

Vexiin Tennis Bracelet Silver
[VEX] Heart BellyRing Freya

My Style.

My Style.

hope this post finds you well!


my weekend was crazy busy, i had no time to vlog but i was able to snap this pic of my new look! i picked up tres beau’s esme skin in Intense and played with it a bit until it was to my liking! gonna stick with her for a while…



Fatal Striped Bikini

Doux Maria Hair

Vexiin Diamond Studs and Finesse Choker

November Heart Nipple Rings



My Backyard

Chic Chica Strawberry Margarita



My Style.

Happy Saturday my loves! I’m back with another inspiration pic! I have had so many looks lined up but didn’t have the hair for it! Shout out to Doux for always bringing the fire! Full outfit credits below! 💕

Doux Air Hair

Vaydia Bailey Hairbase

Vexiin Nola Jacket

ViveNine Shortsleeved Top and Shorts

Rossi Studs in Silver

Vale Koer Sneakers and Tea

LaPerla Berba Bag Sports Female


My Style.


Hey Guys!

This post isn’t about anything in particular today! I took a break from blogging to celebrate the holiday with my SL Family and RL Family, so I haven’t posted any new content in a minute! I have a lot to share with you, there’s been a lot of changes going on and stuff to talk about so I’ll be busy for the next few weeks! I’m excited about that! Above is my latest video. I just posted it today in a hurry to show you all how amazing the Cosmetize Semi-Matte Lippies were and to encourage you to go grab them from the MP! I had a few people on Discord and on Facebook ask me about the fit, and I knew I had to do this quick video to show you! I won them in the contest on FB, however I have her gloss set and some of her previous releases under New Beat Cosmetics as well! Hope you enjoy and i’ll see you soon with all the updates and THE HOUSE TOUR! Hopefully I can get it finished up and uploaded by the end of the week!


GENUS Project – Baby Face Head


L’Etre – Mesh face layers (Moles)

DOUX – Earth Hairstyle

Action Mesh Liner 01 BROWN

JustBECAUSE Wendy Dress in Black

ROSSI. Emerald Studs -Silver

[VEXiiN] Cheri Diamond Choker [Black]

Astralia – Compatible nails system (Belleza Stiletto base, Lueur Gel Polish)

#EMPIRE – Geranium – Belleza